More than Two Decades of Experience
    in the Television Industry

Hello there and welcome to my bio page! You've seen my work, so now here's more about me...

I live in Brooklyn, NY but am able to work anywhere (given modern technology and the current times in which we live). While I have a background in journalism, advertising, and post production, I've spent most of my career working in Brand Creative at Food Network and Cooking Channel in New York City.

Now that I'm branching out, allow me to offer you my skills: I have written and produced everything from :06 YouTube spots to 3:00 in-show sneak peeks. I specialize in promos, social assets, and sizzles. I also have over ten years of experience overseeing large projects that may or may not require partnership with production agencies.

I tell a clear and entertaining story in a short amount of time. I'm a great organizer and communicator. I'm detail oriented while seeing the big picture.

If you want eyes on your screen, I will bring them there. I can be your secret weapon.